CBD is everywhere. Smoke shops, vitamin stores, even gas stations are now selling CBD-infused products. But the growing industry has little regulation in Florida.

CBD is a chemical in the cannabis plant — often touted as a magic bullet that can ease pain, anxiety, and insomnia without getting you high.

Since CBD is not considered a food or dietary supplement, there aren’t strict regulations or testing requirements for CBD-infused products.

The NBC2 Investigators went to a smoke shop, a gas station and online – and we bought five different CBD-infused products; 3 CBD oils and 2 CBD gummies.

Then we packed up our things and headed to Evio Labs, an accredited cannabis testing facility, in Davie.

We covered the products with yellow labels so Evio didn’t know which company’s products they were testing. Then the chemists got to work to tell us exactly what was inside each product.

All five of the products the NBC2 Investigators brought passed Evio’s safety test – which is great.

But when it came time to test for CBD potency — it was a different story. Four of the five did not have the amount of CBD inside the product they claimed to have on the label.

Each of the three oils were supposed to have 100 milligrams of CBD. But only one of them actually did. The others had 78 milligrams, and 24 milligrams.

Moving on to the gummies, one claimed to have 100 milligrams of CBD but it only had 54 milligrams. And the biggest bomb of all, the pack of gummies that claimed to have 75 milligrams, only had 6 milligrams.