12 of Florida’s most vulnerable are dead because of oppressive heat.

It was a stunning side effect to a stunning storm. Hurricane Irma knocked out the electricity, and AC, to their Hollywood Hills nursing home. There wasn’t a generator on hand ready for the emergency.

Since then, new rules went into effect. Every single nursing home and assisted living facility in the state is mandated to have an approved emergency power plan in place.

But the NBC2 Investigators uncovered hundreds of Florida facilities have not yet implemented their emergency power plans.

These plans were due to the state on June 1, 2018, more than five months ago. The facilities have to show that they have an additional power source like a generator, that can keep temperatures below 81 degrees, for at least four days.

As of Monday morning 11/12/2018, only 40-percent of assisted living facilities in Southwest Florida, have implemented their emergency power plans.