Part 1:

When you’re in an emergency, you’ve been taught to do one thing: Call 911 for help.

But what if we told you the 911 dispatchers on the other end of the line are as helpless as you are?

The NBC2 Investigators spent months testing the location accuracy of 911 calls made by cell phones, and the results we uncovered are shocking.

911 dispatchers cannot always pinpoint your location if you’re calling on a cellphone, something that many smartphone apps can do with no problem.

While the FCC has created new rules to help dispatchers better locate wireless callers, cell phone carriers have until four years from now, 2021, to provide accurate locations for 80 percent of all wireless 911 calls.

Right now carriers only have to provide accurate locations for 40 percent of all wireless 911 calls.

Part 2:

The NBC2 Investigators take these issues to lawmakers to find out what they’re doing about it.

Part 3:

A Florida lawmaker takes action six months after the NBC2 Investigators expose a fatal flaw within the aging 911 system.

Senator Bill Nelson has introduced legislation to modernize the 911 system.