Investigative Reporting:

00:00- 2:24: Asking tough questions and getting results

2:25- 4:55 Pkg 1: Charlotte County home-builder leaves 20+ customers high and dry

4:56-8:24 Pkg 2: Most SWFL schools haven’t tested for cancer-causing radon in 20 years

8:05-11:58 Pkg 3: 100+ cars with open recalls being driven by SWFL police officers

12:00-14:19 Pkg 4: FEMA admits to identity theft claims after NBC2 investigation *This series won a Regional Edward R. Murrow Award for Investigative Reporting. Watch the full series here:

14:20-17:30 Pkg 5: Florida Lottery isn’t a jackpot for public education

Asking the tough questions & Getting results:


Live Shots:

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